Carousel Creamery - Ice Cream Heaven with More Than 100 Flavors to Choose From!!!

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I've been reading raves about Carousel Creamery and how overwhelming their selection of ice cream flavors is but Greenhills is just so far away from home. Thanks to looloo, I found myself in GH and grabbed the opportunity to try this ice cream place.

Carousel Creamery Ice Cream Selection
Just one of the freezers in Carousel Creamery!

Right before the dinner at Dohtonbori, I sneaked in to Carousel Creamery. They have about 5 huge freezers filled with ice cream! It's just so hard to choose! Honestly, I was lost. I tried some of the weirdest flavors like Beer with Chicharon, Spicy Tamarind, Chili Chocolate and also tried the safe ones like Dulce de Leche, Ube Pastillas, Green Tea and Bacon & Cheese. 

I settled for Double Scoop - Green Tea x Spicy Tamarind.

Carousel Creamery Green Tea, Spicy Tamarind Ice Cream
Double Scoop in a cup for 145Php - Green Tea Matcha below Spicy Tamarind Scoop

Their Matcha has a very strong grassy and bitter flavor. It could have been better if they added more milk. The Spicy Tamarind was really spicy with authentic tamarind sourness that will tickle your taste buds. It was like eating those spicy tamarind pasalubong from Thailand!

Carousel Creamery Ice Cream Selection
More ice cream flavors!

Right after dinner at Dohtonbori, the gang decided to drop by Carousel Creamery and I happily went back with them. I was so willing and giddy to try more flavors! This time I tried Speculoos, Choco Almond Fudge, Mascarpone with Figs, Earl Grey, Strawberry Balsamic, Cherry Blueberry and Strawberry Cheesecake. 

I got another double scoop - this time I got Earl Grey x Strawberry Balsamic.

Carousel Creamery Earl Grey Ice Cream, Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream
Earl Grey Scoop below the Strawberry Balsamic Scoop

The Earl Grey had that authentic tea flavor in it. It was like Earl Grey Latte turned into ice cream. So good! I loved every bit of it!

Carousel Creamery Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream
Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream

The Strawberry Balsamic blew me away! The flavor of the strawberry was so fresh. It resembled the flavor of fresh strawberries mashed, swimming in milk with sugar. The balsamic touch made the flavors more distinct. HIGHLY recommended for strawberry lovers!

Carousel Creamery Details
Towers of Ice Cream Cups!

Then came another Dohtonbori trip, this time with my family. A visit to Carousel Creamery is a must after Dohtonbori. You gotta break all the saltiness from the Okonomiyaki with some sweet and cold treat! It was the first time of hubby and the kids in Carousel Creamery and I knew they will go crazy! It took them a while to choose the flavors that they wanted.They took their sweet time and when they’ve finally decided, we got a table and opted to dine in.

We all got 2 scoops each in a cone but I requested for an extra bowl for Cherienne just in case it gets all messy.

Carousel Creamery Irish Stout Ice Cream, Licorice ice Cream
Licorice and Irish Stout Beer

Husband’s choices of flavors were weird or should I say too manly lol. Licorice and Irish Stout Beer! Err I didn’t like them. They were too soft so Kenneth, our server, placed the entire thing in a bowl. To be fair, the Irish Stout had this subtle flavor of beer in it and husband said it was good. No idea about how Licorice should taste like but he said it was close to the Licorice candy that he liked as a child.

Carousel Creamery Mango Jubilee, Banana Chocolate Ice Cream
Mango Jubilee and Banana Chocolate in a cone for 145Php

Cherienne got Mango Jubilee and Banana Chocolate. Very fruity! She loves mangoes and bananas so she went for these. She snubbed the chocolate and cheesecake variants. The Mango Jubilee was good with the refreshing taste of ripe mangoes. Goes the same for the Banana Chocolate.

Carousel Creamery Dark Side Chocolate Ice Cream, Olive Basil Ice Cream
Dark Side Chocolate on top of Olive Basil

I got two strong flavors – both best sellers: Dark Side Chocolate and Olive Basil. Each had a distinct bold flavor. I super love Dark Side Chocolate! It was super thick and creamy and there was a sour end note to it characteristic of a high percentage of dark chocolate. 

Olive Basil was good too. Husband said that it was like eating an ice cream form of Pesto. Individually, each flavor can get cloying but the combination was so perfect they actually complimented each other.

Carousel Creamery details
Ice Cream Cones for the child in you!

In general, the ice cream base was thick and creamy but this was not consistent for all flavors. Some of the flavors were on point but some left me guessing where the flavor being projected went coz it wasn't there. But the whole experience and the creativity of those who thought of the flavors was amazing! Still deserves my 5 stars!

Service that night was SUPERB!!! Kenneth attended to all our tissue and water needs lol He was there by our side the whole time watching my youngest, Maaike, eat ice cream and get herself super dirty! I was amazed how fast he acted when Maaike’s cone fell! Kenneth handed us more tissue in a flash! Whow!

Definitely coming back again with the kids to enjoy more of their flavors!

5 out of 5 Stars for Carousel Creamery!

--- Carousel Creamery: 8 Missouri St., Greenhills, San Juan

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