Online Finds Diary: Mom's Breaktime Tapa Addiction - The Best Homemade Tapa!

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 22 June 2016 | 10:22

I've always been a fan of online shopping - clothing, accessories, decors and even food. Most of the stuff being sold online are one of a kind and you won't find them in malls or retail stores. They're usually cheaper with better quality because obviously, there's no need for a physical store that most times adds to the cost of the commodity. Whenever I have free time, meaning the kids are already sleeping and I have nothing else to do, I usually hunt for online goods. Then I came across Mom's Breaktime Food Corner. I got so curious about their US Premium Beef Tapa.

US Premium Beef Frozen Tapa from Mom's Breaktime Food Corner
Mom's Breaktime US Premium Beef Tapa - sold per 500g

I found Mom's Breaktime Food Corner in FB since the owner is a former schoolmate in Tarlac City. I found out later that their food business started in 2010, bouncing up and down, joining cook-offs and winning each time. They also had experience joining weekend markets like the very popular Mercato Centrale in BGC, Cucina Andare in Glorietta and Mezza Norte in North EDSA. They offer made to order dishes like Pansit Negra, Tapa Carbonara, Paella Valenciana, Bottled Laing, Embutido, Relyenong Bangus and their best seller - US Premium Beef Tapa. 

US Premium Frozen Beef Tapa
US Premium Beef Tapa for 300Php per 500g pack

I gave their US Premium Beef Tapa a try. Bought three Frozen Packs all for pick-up. You see, there are a lot of brands selling Tapa in our trusty supermarkets. I have tried each one, seriously, hoping to find a brand that would satisfy. None of these were notable until I gave up trying. Good thing I found this Tapa online!

US Premium Beef Tapa Addiction
US Premium Beef Tapa when cooked

Bacon style strips of Angus Beef in Mom's Breaktime's signature tapa marinade, delivered frozen and well packed. Homemade in small batches, this tapa does not contain preservatives. Each pack can be stored in the freezer and last up to three months. We didn't need three months though to finish all three packs. Heck did we need a month! All gone in about a week!

US Premium Beef Tapa Addiction
Pair this Tapa with Homemade Atchara, also available for sale, by Mom's Breaktime

Tender, flavorful and oh so good! Each strip had the right fat trimming, just the right saltiness and had hints of sweetness in it. Reminded me so much of my favorite restaurant tapa - Rib Cap Tapa- from Mr. Jones, which has unfortunately closed and replaced by Torch. So, imagine what a good news it was to find Mom's Breaktime!

Another plus factor with Mom's Breaktime Tapa was the ease in cooking it. Believe me, it's super easy to cook! Ideal to thaw it out but since I usually don't have time for that, I just cut the tapa into small pieces and dunk them into my non-stick frying pan! No need to add oil because the beef's oil would suffice. It's like cooking bacon, literally!

US Premium Beef Tapa Ideas
Different ways to use Mom's Breaktime Food Corner's US Premium Beef Tapa

Aside from being a trusty viand, you can also use the tapa as a substitute for bacon in your carbonara, put it in a wrap together with some fresh veggies or even use it as your meat for a sumptuous "Philly Cheese Steak" sandwich. It's so versatile and so good, you can use it in so many ways! This should be in your list of pantry staple!

Yummy Eats 2016 People's Choice Award
People's Choice Award for Yummy Eats 2016 Baon Blowout!

For mommies out there who are still looking for a delicious homemade tapa, go try Mom's Breaktime Tapa Addiction! It's also ideal as baon for our kiddos. They recently bagged the People's Choice Award for Yummy Eats Baon Blowout. So much reason to check them out!

5 out of 5 Stars for Mom's Breaktime US Premium Beef Tapa!

***Note: Pictures used in this blog are properties of Mom's Breaktime Food Corner - used with permission***

---Mom's Break Time Food Corner: Check out their FB Page HERE

***you can also contact them via SMS: 0915.336.5717 / 0998.917.8482
***catch them at the following weekend markets: 
--- Urban Marche Weekend Market, Cash & Carry Mall Parking Area: 3PM to 12MN
--- A Venue Weekend Market, Makati Ave.: Saturdays at 7AM to 2PM

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