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Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 21 June 2016 | 12:04

Some coffee are best left hot coz they tend to taste watered down when iced. Toby Estate has the best Mocha (hot) for me but I have never tried their iced version. I swear by their warm cup of great Mocha and would take it in a heart beat vs. others.

Then came Caravan Black...

Caravan Black Store details
Caravan Black, Net Park, BGC

While trying to kill time as I was waiting for the husband, I decided to see what Caravan Black has to offer. Ceiling to floor glass walls, couches, well cushioned chairs, long table and high chairs, chandeliers and charging outlets - the place was lovely! It was cozy and had this relaxing ambiance. 

Caravan Black BGC Store Details
Some store details

Interiors were modern with a vintage flare and I love the use of wood accents here and there. I can stay here all day long! Seriously, I love the place!

Iced Mocha from Caravan Black BGC
Iced Caravan Mocha for 160Php

I checked their menu and since I needed some caffeine boost on a hot day, I decided to get an Iced Mocha. As I settled, they immediately gave me a glass of water. Then came my Iced Mocha. It had this deep dark brown color with some darker specs at the bottom of the cup. With just one sip, I knew that it's one of the best that I've ever tried! Kinda reminded me of Magnum OpusStrong and bold coffee with melted dark was bitter, not too sweet at all and the taste of the dark chocolate went well with the coffee. It had just the right proportion of milk and didn't taste watered down at all. There were even bits of bitter dark chocolate towards the bottom of the cup which tells me that they don't use chocolate syrup.

Caravan Black BGC Store Details
The chandeliers, the couches and some other details of the place

Caravan Black is starting to become my favorite coffee place. I went back in just a matter of days since I was eyeing one of their signature drinks. With the hot and humid weather, I opted for an iced drink once again. I asked the barista which of their signature coffee will she recommend and she suggested for me to try Cooper. Good thing I listened!

Cooper from Caravan Black BGC
Cooper for 150Php

Cooper - their signature mix of cold coffee served in a cocktail glass. Espresso x milk x almond in the form of orgeat (syrup with sugar, almonds and orange flower water), served foamy with some orange peel art. Makes you think if it's a cocktail or what coz it definitely looked like one!

Cooper from Caravan Black BGC
My favorite drink and my favorite spot in Caravan Black

This coffee doesn't have a very strong coffee kick. It was more like created for refreshment rather than to appreciate the notes of the coffee beans. But don't worry, it still tasted like coffee! I loved the creativity put into this glass! So fancy yet it's good. It's cold, sweet and had notes of orange in it. I'm not complaining!

Service was great! It was easy to call the attention of their staff. Their door was kinda heavy but you don't have to worry because there's always someone who would assist in handling the door. 

I'm definitely coming back for more. Also wishing that they'll have more pastries and cakes maybe, wifi and longer operating hours. 

5 out of 5 Stars for Caravan Black!

--- Caravan Black: Net Park Bldg., 5th Ave., BGC, Taguig City

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