Seol and Bean - Another Bingsu Place in BGC!

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 7 June 2016 | 11:06

I went Bingsu crazy before the rainy season struck because the heat during the summer season was unbelievable! 

Seol and Bean Fort Strip, BGC
Seol and Bean - Fort Strip, BGC

It was a weekend and it was already late at night but we just can’t seem to sleep. Even with the AC turned on in full blast, somehow it was still hot! I asked hubby if we can still go out to get some Bingsu and good thing he obliged. He told me that he recently discovered a Bingsu place in Fort Strip that’s open even after 12am. We checked it out.

Seol and Bean Store details
These snowmen will greet you as soon as you enter the store

Seol and Bean – located just in front of Café Puccini, very near Puzzles and Early Bird. It was brightly lit outside and the place was huge! They have lots of tables and chairs, corners with TV and a decent menu. They offer more than just Bingsu. They have cakes from Purple Oven, pastries, smoothies, coffee and some mains. 

We got the following –

Mango and Cheese Bingsu from Seol and Bean
Mango and Cheese Bingsu for 210Php 

Mango and Cheese Bingsu – good news : it has a scoop of ice cream! I thought it was reasonably priced. They use the same aluminum bowl like that in Seol Hwa so the ice didn’t melt as fast. Layers of finely shaved ice with some mango cubes in between - honestly, it was just okay. 

Mango and Cheese Bingsu from Seol and Bean
Up Close - Mango and Cheese Bingsu for 210Php

As you can see from the picture, there weren’t a lot of toppings. The ripe mango cubes were sour and the cheese cubes? Wait, what cheese cubes? They added maybe about 3 pieces of small chunks of cheesecake and some chunks of graham which I suppose were the base of the cheesecake that they used for the “cheese” part of the Bingsu. The mango ice cream used was your usual grocery ice cream – Maybe Nestle, Selecta or Magnolia. It was the first time that we finished all the toppings and we were left with just plain ice with milk.

Seol and Bean Banana Choco Smoothie
Banana Choco Smoothie for 140Php

Cherienne asked for a Banana Chocolate Smoothie which was good. She liked it. It had refreshing notes of ripe bananas in a chocolaty smoothie. Loved that it wasn't too sweet or cloying.

Rustic Chocolate Torte
Rustic Chocolate Torte Slice for 145Php

She also got a slice of Purple Oven’s Rustic Chocolate Torte which was plated nicely and served in a cold and thin but heavy black stone plate. I love this cake! 

Seol and Bean Store Details
Seol and Bean - store details

Ever going back? Maybe if it's our last resort but this is by far my least favorite Bingsu Place.

3 out of 5 Stars for Seol and Bean!

---Seol and Bean: The Fort Strip, Katipunan Circle, BGC, Taguig City

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