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I like eating salads and honestly I can eat salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a couple of consecutive days. I enjoy the crisp greens, the veggies and the colorful dressings. I remember how happy I was when Juju Eats opened and over joyed when I heard about Salad Stop! Since the hubby is a carnivore, he had his reservations about trying Salad Stop. But then again I got the charm and convinced him to go with me.

Salad Stop BHS Central Square
Eating Wide AWAKE! - Salad Stop! in BHS Central Square

Our first Salad Stop experience was in BHS Central Square. I instantly loved the place - huge, spacious and well lit. I loved the unfinished walls and how they used these walls as their canvass to inform people about eating wide awake and eating right. 

Salad Stop Store details
Some store details in BHS Central Square

They also have wood accents here and there, colorful tables and chairs and nice drop lamps. The place was overall clean and neat. You'll get to see them prepare your salad or wrap since all their ingredients are on display.

Salad Stop Store details in Bonifacio High Street Central
A look at the Salad Stop! branch in BGC - BHS Central Square

The name of the game is self-service. You go to the salad counter, choose the salad ingredients you want or maybe choose one from their board menu and then customize as you wish. You can choose to have a bowl of salad or have a wrap instead.

Checking on their menu, we tried the following ---

Oh Crab Lah Salad Stop
Oh Crab Lah! - Salad: 260Php, Wrap: 250Php

Oh Crab Lah! - my choice and I opted to get a wrap instead of a salad bowl. This was so good! Didn't feel like I was eating salad at all! Embraced by a warm wrap that was a little toasted with that crisp bite, Oh Crab Lah! had generous heaping of crab sticks, crisp Romaine, cherry tomatoes, red onions, vermicelli, egg and their signature Singaporean Chili Crab dressing. I threw in an extra order of bacon with this wrap which made it more savory and gave an added saltiness. IMO, this made my wrap super delicious! The ingredients went well together tied by the dressing. I loved that everything was fresh and it was overall a light mix.

Oh Crab Lah! Salad Stop
A closer look at my Oh Crab Lah! Wrap - tightly wrapped, not messy at all

I munched and munched and asked hubby to get another one to go. Another thing I liked about this was the subtle kick of chili. Do not under estimate this wrap though coz it's really filling. I usually just finish half of it plus two bites of the other half and I'm stuffed!

Sunshine Manila Salad
Sunshine Manila - Salad: 260Php, Wrap: 250Php

Sunshine Manila (no longer in their current menu) was the salad of choice by the husband. He got a salad bowl instead of a wrap just to compare. He threw in not just one, but TWO orders of extra bacon into his salad. That was fine because that was his only consolation. It's kinda hard to give up rice and meat and eat salad for dinner.

Sunshine Manila Salad
Closer look at this salad bowl

Sunshine Manila has a citrus tone. It had crisp Romaine, tuna flakes, brown rice, cherry tomatoes with Tamarind Citrus vinaigrette. Loved that the salad had crispy lumpia skin strips, adding texture to the salad. The addition of bacon made it even better. 

From then on, we would jump into a Salad Stop store whenever we see one. Hubby even made Salad Stop a part of his weekly office lunch destination, swearing by Oh Crab Lah! Wrap. He loved it too!

Oh Crab Lah Wrap
Oh Crab Lah! with Pasta instead of Vermicelli - same price

We also got to try Oh Crab Lah! with pasta instead of vermicelli when we went dining in their Glorietta 2 branch. We were forced to get a substitute since they run out of the glass noodles. Of course I added an extra order of bacon. There was a slight change in texture and with the pasta, my Oh Crab Lah! wrap was more filling. But overall, it was still great!

Cobb Salad in a wrap
Cobb Salad - Salad: 300Php, Wrap: 290Php

We tried the Cobb Salad in this branch. Their Cobb Salad is a part of their "Classics" menu and it has Romaine, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onions, bacon bits and ranch as it's dressing. They didn't have avocado that time and so hubby replaced it with more bacon. 

Cobb Salad from Salad Stop
Closer look at the ingredients of this Cobb Salad in a Wrap!

This was good too. Not my favorite but I liked biting into the tender chunks of chicken and the veggies that were properly coated with the dressing. I also liked the added flavor from the cheese.

Salad Stop Burgos Circle
Our favorite Oh Crab Lah together with Big Bird

Salad Stop! recently opened a branch in Burgos Circle and we fortunately passed by it on a weekend while looking for a place to eat. We tried Big Bird Wrap, aside from our all time favorite Oh Crab Lah! We loved this one too! 

Big Bird - Salad: 350Php, Wrap: 340Php

It had lots of fruits in it, giving it an interesting texture and flavor combination. There were green apple chunks, grapes, creamy avocado, Romaine, smoked turkey, celery and ranch dressing. I love celery so there was no doubt about me liking this salad. It was packed and refreshing. Loved the crunchy bites and the explosion of all things fresh! We also added an order of bacon so this turned out to be a really good one!

Salad Stop Burgos Circle
Salad Stop! in Burgos Circle, BGC

Oh how we love Salad Stop! Their store concept and design is consistent in all of the three branches that we've tried so far. Customer service and helpfulness of staff varies though. 

5 out of 5 Stars for Salad Stop!

--- Salad Stop!: G/F Bonifacio High Street Central Square, 5th Ave. cor. 30th St., BGC, Taguig City

***you can also find them here:

--- G/F Glorietta 2, East Drive, Ayala Center, Makati City
--- Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig City
--- G/F OPL Bldg., 100 C. Palanca St., Legazpi Village, Makati City
--- 3/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City
---G/F, 8 Missouri St. cor. Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan

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