Cafe IF - Best Bingsu Place in the South of the Metro!

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 21 June 2016 | 08:06

My love for Bingsu is endless. I would like to take advantage of this wonderful Korean creation as long as it's available. There are still a lot of restaurants to try and I'm more than excited. Heading down South, we tried Cafe IF this one humid night. We’ve been seeing this café along President’s Ave. but we never had the chance to visit.

Right after our Dinner date in Trattoria ALTROV'E, we headed to Southern Dairy and we were disappointed with their gelato. Hubby knew he needed to take me elsewhere to forget about the bad gelato experience. He then remembered Café IF.

Store details of Cafe IF
A look inside Cafe IF

Located in the second floor of a building, just beside Army Navy, the place, just like other Korean Bingsu stores, was huge! What sets it apart though was their garden theme. Lots of faux vines and trees and ample lighting. The best part of the store?  Swinging chairs! They were so comfy and gave the ultimate faux garden- alfresco feels. The place had a lot of tables, even long tables and high chairs, with some table lamps. It’s an ideal place to chill or even study. They also have lots of outlets for charging.

Injeolmi Bingsu of Cafe IF
Injeolmi Bingsu for 240Php

Since I was in an Injeolmi trance, I got a regular order of their Injeolmi Bingsu. They used a ceramic bowl and their ice had the same shaved structure as that of Hobing. The Bingsu came with lots of roasted Soy Bean Powder AND lots of Injeolmi cubes! Injeolmi heaven! It also had lots of almond slices! 

Injeolmi Bingsu of Cafe IF
A closer look at the finely shaved ice!

Layers of ice filled with more powder and rice cake cubes greeted me as I took one spoonful after another. What I liked the most here was the bottle of sweetened milk that’s served with the Bingsu. You’ll be able to add sweetness and milk according to your preference.

Cafe IF details
Details of Cafe IF

The place is open until midnight on weekdays and around 1 to 2AM on Fridays and weekends. Just like other Bingsu place, they offer sandwiches and toasts, waffles, coffee (hot and cold), smoothies, Matcha latte and frappes. Maybe the only downside is the limited number of Bingsu variant that they offer - Injeolmi, Milk Snow, Red Bean, Mango and Strawberry. I hope they'll come up with more flavors soon.

Injeolmi Bingsu by Cafe IF
Put in some more sweet milk, according to your preference!

Café IF is probably my favorite Bingsu Place surpassing my love for Seol Hwa.  This is by far the best Bingsu experience for me. I’m gonna take my kids here soon!

5 out of 5 Stars for Cafe IF!

--- Cafe IF: President's Ave. cor. Aguirre Ave., Parañaque City

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