Salvatore Cuomo and Bar - The Newest Upscale Resto-Bar in Uptown Parade

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Salvatore Cuomo has been making a loud buzz since it's opening day, early this month. People have been raving about their pizza, steak, pasta and their best selling dessert that was said to be one of the best - Tiramisu. 

Salvatore Cuomo and Bar Uptown Parade
Salvatore Cuomo & Bar - Uptown Parade

Located in an upscale place that's starting to get filled with interesting food concepts, Salvatore Cuomo and Bar stands proud. It has ceiling to floor glass walls, huge space, cushioned seats, comfortable couches and modern-industrial concept with elegant touches. It has this high end feel when you get inside but the vibe was totally relaxed.

Salvatore Cuomo and Bar Details
A peek inside Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

Went here on a Friday afternoon and it wasn't full. They have a different menu, by the way, depending on the time of the day. Their Afternoon Menu didn't have much -- sandwiches, appetizers, salad, soup, pizza, pasta and desserts. We decided to just get a pizza and dessert.

Quattro Formaggi by Salvatore Cuomo and Bar
Quattro Formaggi Pizza for 750Php

Pizza of Choice - Quattro Formaggi. Four kinds of cheeses: Gorgonzola, Buffalo Mozzarella, Grana Padano and Provolone. Came in freshly baked, thin crust and gooey cheese with a side serving of honey. Medium sized pizza with 8 slices, enough for 4 not too hungry people. 

Salvatore Cuomo and Bar Four Cheese Pizza
Four Cheese Pizza - 8 slices, Medium Size for 750Php

The crust was just okay for me coz I've tried thinner and drier ones but the sides were too crunchy. The mix of cheeses lacked some more saltiness for it to qualify for some honey drizzling. Could have been a perfect contrast of salty and sweet but the pizza failed to deliver the needed saltiness. The Gorgonzola stood out but was not enough to make this pizza excellent. It's not bad but I guess for the price, I kinda expected more.

Tiramisu with Pistachio gelato
Tiramisu with Pistachio Gelato for 380Php

We got the much raved about Salvatore Cuomo dessert - Tiramisu. I haven't had a lot of Tiramisu in my life and so I'm no expert but this one was just okay. Layer on top was moist but that's it! Bottom layers were dry and there wasn't that strong liqueur flavor. Though the coffee flavor was balanced with the sweetness and I liked the creamy topping, this dessert wasn't so impressive at all. 

Tiramisu by Salvatore Cuomo and Bar
Tiramisu served with a small portion of Pistachio Gelato - 380Php

Their Tiramisu came in with Pistachio Gelato. I must admit, it's the best Pistachi Gelato in the Metro! You can really taste the flavor of the nut and had that roasted hint. I LOVED IT! Though served in a chilled black plate, the gelato melted quickly. Since the plate was flat, it was impossible to scoop the melted ice cream.

We didn't get to try their complimentary bread though. Not sure if they don't serve some during the afternoon? 

Service was not consistent. We got a warm welcome, ushered to our table right away but then when we were about to finish, they started collecting our plates. As if in a hurry about something, they left us with no utensils at all even though we still had some Tiramisu left. 

I think being on "soft opening" mode is no excuse especially with the prices of their food. Will give this place another shot. Maybe lunch or dinner next time.

Rating this 3 out of 5 Stars for now!

--- Salvatore Cuomo & Bar: G/F Uptown Parade, Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., BGC, Taguig City

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