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One fine Sunday I convinced hubby to bring the kids to Bunny Baker because I was just so sure that they will like it there. All the way from Paranaque, we went to E.Rod in QC to give our girls some lunch treat. As soon as we got there we learned that they were closed for an exclusive event. I was so frustrated. This got us running to Rob Magnolia.

Looking for a place to eat, I remembered that a friend has a franchise of Hainanese Delights here and we were ought to give it a second chance. Ate here years ago and it wasn’t a great experience. Surprisingly, the place looked lively this time with the staff minding the tables and the customers. 

We went to the counter and ordered the following –-

Hainanese Chicken
Hainanese Delights – bestselling white chicken for 139Php

Hainanese Chicken is hubby’s thing. He likes it so much! So it was obvious that he will be ordering this. It was paired with a cup of Hainan Rice but the good thing about this place was their unli rice! Hubby was so delighted with this and asked for double scoop at a time. Since the scoop was small, two scoops would equal to a cup.

Hainanese Delights Robinson's Magnolia
Lots of Ginger x Chili x Thick & Sweet Soy Sauce!

The size of the chicken was decent. I also got this for myself. It was served with the usual Hainanese Chicken condiments – the thick and sweet soy sauce, ginger and chili. Personally, I like my Hainanese Chicken smothered with lots of these three! Makes the chicken taste so much better! The Hainanese Chicken was tender and tasty, just like how it’s supposed to be. For 139Php, not bad at all.

Tender Beef Brisket
Tender Beef Brisket Noodles for 120Php

Cherienne wanted some noodles that day so I opted to get her their Tender Beef Brisket. There was a lot in that bowl! The beef chunks were tender and flavorful, the noodles was so-so instant but the soup was good.

Radish Cake
Radish Cake for 90Php

We also got an order of their Crunchy Radish Cake and again, there was a lot! It was actually good for sharing for about 3 people. I have never tried radish cake before so I was curious. Good thing I gave it a go because these little cubes were crunchy and tasty! I don’t know how radish tastes like but these deep fried babies were good munchies. Topped with spring onions, onions and chili, I'm definitely ordering this again.

Milo Godzilla
Milo Godzilla for 85Php

For our drinks, my daughter asked for the Milo Godzilla. Milo Dinosaur with a different name, the only difference was the scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a generous heaping of powdered Milo. My daughter loved it and said that it was good.

Sparkling Berries drink
Sparkling Berries Drink for 75Php

I tried the Sparkling Berries drink. Soda, more like Sprite, with some sweet mixed berries syrup layered at the bottom - you gotta mix it up to get a sweet carbonated drink. 

Both drinks were okay but it took them a really long time before they served our drinks and I almost cancelled the Sparkling Berries coz I was almost done.

Some room for improvement with customer service I guess but overall, sulit lunch for us!

4 out of 5 Stars for Hainanese Delights!

---Hainanese Delights: LG/F Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd. cor. Dona Hemady St., Quezon City

***you can check other branches HERE

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