Pink's Hot Dogs from LA hits Manila!

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Pink's Hot Dogs has been in my hit list since the day it opened but mixed reviews and high prices made me put it under "low prio." Then husband asked me to try it because he loves sausages and hotdogs. Good thing Pink's Manila decided to lower their pricing a bit. This was the convincing factor for me to decide to give them a try. So we went, past dinner on a weekday. 

Pink's Hot Dogs BGC
Pink's Hot Dogs, Shangri-La BGC

Some people have been raving about it, some would complain about the pricing and some would say that it's not value for money, etc. I needed to check it out myself. 

Pink's Hot Dogs Manila Restaurant details
A look inside Pink's Manila!

Pink's, a hotdog stand in L.A., was brought into our local food scene by the same brains behind Wildflour and Farmacy. They've dressed up the place pretty well giving it a relaxed, street side dining ambiance. 

Restaurant details Pink's Hot Dogs Manila
More details - a shot from the other end.

Unfinished walls combined with bricked walls, light bulbs hanging on power lines with pairs of Chucks dangling as well. 

Restaurant details of Pink's Hot Dogs Manila
Hello, Pink's Manila!

It will steal your attention from the outside because of this blue Volks Combi that serves as the stall offering ice cream and milk shakes c/o Farmacy. 

Restaurant details of Pink's Hot Dogs Manila
A look at the Bar area of Pink's Manila

The place was surprisingly huge! Aside from the tables in front of the counter, there's this area towards the side that extends a little more to house their bar and more tables.

Menu of Pink's Hot Dogs Manila
Menu of Pink's Hot Dogs Manila

Onto their food - they offer hotdog sandwiches topped with all sorts of toppings from chili con carne to bacon, onion rings, guacamole, chicken skin, etc etc. They also have burgers, fries, home made sodas, bottled drinks and an assortment of beer. 

We gave the following a try ---

The Holywood Legend
The Holywood Legend for 280Php

The Holywood Legend - my pick. Pretty expensive for a hotdog sandwich! This is one of their best sellers which has Pink's famous chili, cheddar cheese, mustard and chopped onions. I must say that the serving of chili con carne was a lot! 

The Holywood Legend from Pink's Hot Dogs Manila
A closer look at this famous Hot Dog Sandwich!

A little messy to eat coz each bite will spill some of the chili topping but it was good! Soft bun, pretty good hotdog, meaty chili with a nice spicy kick, generous serving of cheddar cheese - not bad at all. It was kinda filling too!

East L.A. Street Dog
East L.A. Street Dog for 250Php

Hubby got the East L.A. Street Dog. Bacon, ketchup, mustard, grilled onions and peppers, pico de gallo (which is basically chopped tomatoes, onions and celery) - another best seller. 

East L.A. Street Dog from Pink's Hot Dogs Manila
Closer look at all the goodness of this sandwich!

This had lots of Jalapeno peppers giving it a really spicy kick! But it was good nonetheless. This gave me a better sampling of the hotdog itself - juicy and tasty. 

Homemade French Fries from Pink's Hot Dogs Manila
Homemade French Fries - 70Php as an addition to an order of Hotdog, 140Php a la carte

We also got an order of French Fries and for an additional of 70Php, it was a lot! I liked their fries though - consistently crispy and salty. Best to add with your hotdog meal rather than ordering a la carte which will save you half of the price. 

Berry Yuzu Homemade Soda
Berry Yuzu Homemade Soda for 160Php

We also tried their Berry Yuzu homemade soda. This was good and refreshing! I liked the touch of yuzu which gave it a citrusy finish. Not really value for money though coz for it's price, the serving was too little.

Pink's Hot Dogs Manila
Our super junk dinner!

Overall, service was great! They were quick to offer water and refill our glasses too. But then again Pink's is not a place that I would go back to because honestly, I can get a great meal with my 280Php. Maybe if they will lower down their prices more or maybe make their servings bigger, then I would go back again. But if you don't mind spending that much for hotdog sandwiches, Pink's is not bad at all. 

4 out of 5 Stars for Pink's Hot Dogs!

--- Pink's Hot Dogs: Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th St. cor. 5th Ave., BGC, Taguig City

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